Development of Research Partnerships with EMS Agencies and Descriptive Study of EMS Pediatric Population within PECARN

The objective of this protocol was to study pediatric emergency medical services (EMS) within the PECARN network and establish the network’s capability to collect pre-hospital data. This descriptive study initiated data collection from EMS agencies. The project aimed to demonstrate that data transmission from EMS agencies to the data center is feasible. This study established research relationships between PECARN sites and respective EMS agencies and gather data to understand the demographics and disease/injury patterns of the sample that is available to the PECARN network. The data collected will be invaluable in the future for generating hypotheses for pediatric EMS studies and providing preliminary data for grant applications. Data collection and analyses are complete. The main manuscript, Characteristics of the Pediatric Patients Treated by the Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network’s Affiliated EMS Agencies,was published in Pediatric Emergency Care, October 2013.