PECARN Core Data Project (PCDP)

This project is a cross-sectional study of all pediatric ED visits from all sites within the network.  A database of electronic administrative data is compiled annually from 2002 to the present.  This study has several aims:

  1. to identify the frequency and type of PECARN Emergency Department (ED) visits;
  2. to identify the availability of data elements from existing electronic databases and chart reviews at each HEDA;
  3. to identify the availability of clinical parameters collected during usual medical care of patients with selected diagnoses (asthma and long bone fractures);
  4. to measure the agreement between, and completeness of, data elements collected by electronic methods and chart review.

This study provides important epidemiological information regarding pediatric emergency department visits in the PECARN network. Data are collected annually from all hospital sites. The public use dataset is available on this website.