Pediatric Sepsis Registry, Clinical Outcomes, and Prediction Model

This study addresses the critical need to improve pediatric sepsis outcomes by developing methods to accurately identify at-risk children presenting for emergency care. The project will capture electronic health record (EHR) data to create a multi-center registry with the ultimate goal of improving the detection and treatment of pediatric sepsis in the emergency department (ED) setting. To accomplish this, we will automate the determination of organ dysfunction in children with sepsis directly from structured and narrative data in an expanded multicenter EHR patient registry.  That data will be used to derive and validate a prediction model of pediatric sepsis that predicts subsequent organ dysfunction within 48 hours using ED EHR data from the first 4 hours of care. Innovative deliverables from this project include the existence of a broad and rich EHR registry, an automated process of outcome determination, and a prediction model of risk of sepsis.