Federal Partners/HRSA Project Officers

Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Health Scientist

Patricia (Patty) L. Fanflik, PhD MFT MS

PECARN Steering Committee Chair

STELAR Nodal Principal Investigator

Eileen Klein, MD, MPH

(206) 987-2708 [email]


EDC Principal Investigator

T. Charlie Casper, PhD

EDC Director of Research

Sally Jo Zuspan, RN, MSN

EDC Associate Director of Research & Science
PECARN Program Director

Melissa Laws, BSN, CCRC

(801) 213-3587 [email]

Research Node Contacts


CHaMP Nodal Principal Investigator

Manish Shah MD, MS

650-723-3319 [email]
CHaMP Nodal Administrator

Ariel Peters, MSW


GLACiER Nodal Principal Investigator

Julie C. Leonard, MD, MPH

GLACiER Nodal Administrator

Annie Truelove, MPH


HOMERUN Nodal Principal Investigator

Lynn Babcock, MD, MS

(513) 803-2956 [email]
HOMERUN Nodal Administrator

Patricia (Tricia) Cobb, MS, CCRC

(513) 636-1732 [email]


PEM-NEWS Nodal Principal Investigator

Peter Dayan, MD, MSc

(212) 342-4176 [email]
PEM-NEWS Nodal Administrator

Raquel Shrager

(212) 305-4687 [email]


PRIME Nodal Principal Investigator

Nathan Kuppermann, MD, MPH

(916) 734-1535 [email]
PRIME Nodal Administrator

Maria Marois, PhD, MPH

(916) 734-0373 [email]


SPARC Nodal Principal Investigator

Claudia R. Morris MD, FAAP

SPARC Nodal Administrator

Bridget Wynn, MPH

(404)966-1487 [email]


STELAR Nodal Principal Investigator

Eileen Klein, MD, MPH

(206) 987-2708 [email]
STELAR Nodal Administrator

Bonnie Strelitz, MPH

(206) 987-2939 [email]